About 8 Villas


“The Concept Is To Be Different”

Tuk Dalbertson

The owners of 8 Villas Tuk and Matthew have had over 34 years experience in construction and renting of houses in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

8 Villas is the newest of their projects and was an idea that was conceived over 12 years ago to bring a Pool Villa lifestyle to Khon Kaen. 11 years ago two houses were constructed as the blueprint of the houses that you now see on the 8 Villas site.

New houses built at 8 Villas Khon Kaen will be the blueprint for future developments by the company and will continue the philosophy of providing high quality pool developments at an affordable price.

Single Story Design

Our single story design really goes against the normal design aesthetic usually chosen by developers in Khon Kaen. The benefits include the ability to maximise all the usable space and provide access to the pool from the master bedroom and living area. Plus having a single story design reduces electric bills as it is easier to cool down than that of a two story design. We have a really usable floor plan that is popular with both the younger generation and older making our villas very popular to different age groups.

Pool Lifestyle

Our concept of being different does not stop there we also in our design make the pool lifestyle and experience the very best it can be by providing 2.5 meter high walls around each villa to provide complete privacy whilst you relax in your pool. We help make pool ownership easy by providing cleaning of the pool once per week and testing and adjusting the PH and chlorine balance.

Quality & Security

Another ground breaking first are the electronic gates with CCTV operated by our customers smartphone. Our aim is to make our clients at 8 villas feel safe and secure and enjoy their experience with us. Another big part of our concept to be different is provide build quality not seen in this region before. We pride ourselves on the very strict measures we take to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

We understand it is all about detail and that is what we excel at even down to providing guttering on all our houses. Our unique design and style makes 8 Villas a great choice for Thai people and foreigners.

We hope to make our dream become your dream too.